My practice explores, questions, uncovers and celebrates the everyday. Our whole existence takes place in everyday life, a constructed realm of routine and normality defined by our significant others; all that we take for granted. As Henri Lefebvre stated: “Man must be everyday or he will not be at all”.

Latest work observes the inherent need of human beings to externalise their experiences; they are Everyday Remnants. I am inspired by seemingly insignificant repeated behaviours such as specific food preparation or vitamin intake. I pause, reflect and work my way back to the source of motivation which is unexpectedly profound, enjoying this duality within the mundane everyday action.

Using formations of multiples across various media, I produce aggregates of Everyday Remnants which celebrate the plurality of humankind: “Man’s uniqueness his non-repeatability, is an ontological fact” (Agnes Heller). At first glance, each multiple may appear the same, however on closer inspection each one is unique, the continual repetition echoing daily routine.


Celia Garcia is a contemporary artist based in Glasgow who explores the everyday as a framework for routinised behaviours, agency and experiential narrative. Working across photography, drawing, casting and printmaking, aesthetically her work often engages repetition, seriality and the multiple.

A lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College, she curated annual student exhibitions at Glasgow Project Room from 2011-2013 and was awarded an Art Foundation Commission for the New City Campus in 2016.

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art’s Fine Art Photography, she returned to GSA recently completing a Master of Research in Creative Practices examining the links between an everyday creative practice, agency and sustained wellbeing. 

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